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I have re-posted the BGT website on my university alotted webspace for the hell of it. Since I never oficially released patch 1.15 (here, as well as the readme), I have added it as well, and it is now up for download. Okay, I did release it, but since TeamBG died weeks after I set up this website at their modhosting, it never really got a chance to be released.

Speaking of which, let me honor the now-defunct TeamBG and say "Fuck, I'll miss you." At least Forgotten Wars is still around (Yay!) and keeping the IE modding alive. On that topic, I hear they have assimilated the TeamBG crew (at least most of it), so I figure I might even pop in every now and again.

In short, here's patch 1.15, and I might even consider updating BGT some more, if I have the time (Illinois State University summer courses are notoriously hard and compact, making free time almost a myth for three months. And girlfirends take up time, too. Damned women.)

Patch 1.15 is now online. Fixes bugs and stuff, such as Irenicus not appearing in his flat. Check the readme for less cryptic info.

Posted the long-awaited Patch 1.14. It fixes alot of stuff. Check the readme. Also posted Patch 1.13, and the Snare Patch by Godmir. All Patches are, of course, on the Patch page.

Finally opened a BGT homepage, at the request of our fearless leader, Ken. By the time this is posted, everything *should* be in working order.